Please return to providing SAS formats with SAS dataset downloads

I download my extracts as SAS dataset. They work great. Until recently, I also downloaded the provided SAS command file. I did not need to use the part intended to read in a text file. But I used the SAS formats. I understand not providing the program to read in a text file when the download is already a SAS dataset. But I really miss having those SAS formats.

Thanks for your help.

Thank you for your feedback related to the data extract process.

One option, if you would still like to get the SAS command file for your extract, would be to download the extract twice: once as a SAS dataset (which appears to be how you are extracting the data) and a second time in the default format (fixed-width text). Running the extract a second time in the fixed-with format will give you the SAS command file, and you can use it as you’d like while ignoring the option to read in the text file.