Panel dimension and personID PMA

Hi everyone!

I am working with most PMA datasets, and I am interested in studying the panel dimension it has. I understand that even though they are cross-sectional surveys, in some cases they visit the same household and interview the same person more than once through the different rounds each country has. In order to build the panel, I need to match the personid variable (unique person identifier code) between rounds for each country. Unfortunately, I found that each round has different perdonid codes. Do you know a way I could follow people/females that participated in more than one PMA round?
Thanks in advance

Hi Solange,

In the current cross sectional surveys, PMA did not code the unique identifiers in a way that you could link women’s records across rounds. There is a variable called PREVINTERVIEWFQ that indicates whether or not the woman had been interviewed in a previous PMA round.

However, PMA is currently fielding longitudinal surveys that will follow a cohort of women and you will be able to link their records. In most countries, only the baseline survey has been fielded, or the first follow up has only just been completed, so it will be some time before panels are available.

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