Pakistan 1998 census "field of specialization" data available?


Hello, I am working on a project on educational attainment in Pakistan, and am looking for data on professional degrees such as in medicine, engineering etc. The enumerator survey for the 1998 census of Pakistan has a question on the field of specialization, immediately afer the educational attainment level completed question. While I see the educational attainment data in the IPUMS unharmonized variables, I don’t see the field of specialization data anywhere.

Is there any way to access data on this question?

Also, if the data exist in the 2017 Pakistan census, I could use that wave instead, so is there a possibility that the 2017 Pakistan census would be available soon?

Thank you very much in advance.



enum_form_pk1998.pdf (1.32 MB)


IPUMS International is only able to make available the variables that are shared by the various national statistical agencies. Unfortunately, not all variables included in the questionnaires are shared with IPUMS International in each sample. Therefore, it looks like the field of specialization variable is not available for the Pakistan samples in IPUMS International. Regarding the availability of the 2017 Pakistan census sample: IPUMS International is constantly working to make new samples available. At this moment I am not able to forecast which samples will be included in the next data release. You can always monitor data release details on this page.