Occ variable in 1910 census

In the 1910 1% census sample, I am finding many workers in the telephone industry with occ codes = 121 and 125. They appear to be linemen and operators. But these code numbers do not appear in the list of values for the occ variable provided by IPUMS. Can anyone clarify this situation?

I am not able to replicate this observation. When I look at the 1910 1% sample, no individuals in the telephone or telegraph industries have OCC==121 or OCC==125. In fact, I find that in the entire 1910 1% sample, there are zero individuals with OCC==121 or OCC=125. Perhaps the codes you are seeing here are from a different sample or something else is causing this observation.

Thanks, Jeff. Now that I know your experience, I can focus on figuring out how these codes crept in. I will start by re-downloading the data, and I will let you
know what happens.