1940 US Census: correspondence b/w original occupation titles & industrial sectors and OCC & IND codes

I was wondering whether IPUMS has a correspondence between the original occupational titles and industrial sector of occupation *as reported in the original 1940 Census schedules* and the occupation and industry codes provided by IPUMS in both the 1% and the 100% sample.

I have access to the original digitized record through the NBER servers, but they provide occupation and industry as string, and there seem to be no way to bridge those variables to the variables that IPUMS makes available on its website (OCC and IND).

Thanks a lot: you kick asses! :slight_smile:

The original occupation strings (as well as the coded OCC variables) are available as part of the most recent 1940 100% restricted use file. I would recommend contacting the RDC administrator at NBER for this most recent version of the data.

I hope this helps.