Is the variable occp10 (census occupation code) variable available in ACS IPUMS and at what geographic level?

I am interested in mapping DAFW rates from SOII and have the rates for the 2010 census codes but can’t figure out if the 2010 census occupation code is available in the public use data and if so at what geographic level (it is in the data dictionary OCCP10 .

Andrea Steege

The variable occp10 is represented in IPUMS-USA under the variable OCC for samples that orginally used that coding scheme (right now, those are respondents from the years 2010, 2011, and 2012). Since the IPUMS-USA files are individual level data, you can get estimates for occupation frequencies at the PUMA level, however, it is important to realize that smaller areas are going to provide greater errors due to fewer real respondents.