NSRCG2001 not included

There is a 2001 wave of NSRCG, which is available on the NSF website (2001 Survey of Doctorate Recipients and Recent College Graduates https://sestat.nsf.gov/datadownload/). However, it seems that this dataset is not included in the IPUMS integrated data. Is there some specific reason for this, for example, is the NSRCG 2001 not comparable with other waves of NSCG/NSRCG datasets? Many thanks!

IPUMS HigherEd has includes data from the “SESTAT (Integrated Survey Data)” files; the 2001 NSRCG was released as a stand-alone file. Unfortunately, this means it is not available as part of the IPUMS version of these data. To my knowledge, there is no reason that you should not include 2001 NSRCG with other years of data.

Great. Thank you so much!

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