No place of work

I am looking at Vermont non-profit workers (23 in the class of work variable), and about 20 percent of them have no “place of work–state.” Why would that be? Can I count them as in-state workers?

Thanks for your help.

This can be explained by a difference in the Universe for each of these variables. For CLASSWKR, any respondent over the age of 16 who had worked within the past 5 years was eligible to respond. For PWSTATE2, only those over the age of 16 who had worked within the last week were eligible to respond.

Note that the non-profit workers in Vermont that are missing a PWSTATE2 value are all coded as “Has job, not working”, “Unemployed”, or “Not in Labor Force” based on EMPSTAT. In other words, you have identified persons who most recently worked for a non-profit, but who did not go to work in the previous week. These respondents are correctly coded as having no place of work.

Hope this helps.