CLASSWKRD: Private For-profit versus Non-profit


I was working with ACS. For the variable CLASSWKRD, the detailed description for CLASSWKR codes Wage/Salary, Private as 22 and Wage/salary at non-profit as 23.
As per the questionnaire:
Private sector employee are categorized into
For-profit company or organization
Non-profit organization (including tax-exempt and charitable organizations)

Does the Wage/Salary, Private category of CLASSWKRD actually mean Wage/Salary, Private for-profit? Is someone who is both a private sector employee and a worker in a non-profit organization coded as Wage/salary at non-profit?

Yes, code 22 (Wage/Salary, Private) in the variable CLASSWKRD identifies employees of private for-profit companies or businesses for wages, salary, or commissions. Employees of private not-for-profit, tax-exempt, or charitable organizations are coded as Wage/salary at non-profit (CLASSWKRD = 23). In addition to reviewing the Questionnaire Text tab, you can also find how IPUMS harmonized the original data by reviewing frequencies from the source variables (e.g. US2022A_COW).

Most variables in IPUMS have a composite coding structure, where the first digit is largely comparable across samples, and second and subsequent digits provide progressively more detail available in some samples and not others. This rule is used in the coding scheme of CLASSWKR where wages and salary workers are identified with codes that start with a “2” to distinguish them from self-employed respondents (except for CLASSWKRD = 29). Codes 22-23 identify employees of private firms and codes 24-28 identify government employees. CLASSWKRD = 23 provides further detail by identifying a type of wage/salary, private employee (i.e., one that works at a non-profit). This is indicated by the label being indented in the Codes tab.