NHIS 2015 cancer file

On the NHIS website, they have a note saying to delete the 2015 cancer file because they found issues.

Are these issues fixed in the IPUMS version of the dataset? Or should I go back and delete my 2015 analyses?

Many of the issues that are being fixed for the upcoming re-release of the 2015 NHIS cancer file, stem from mistakes that the IPUMS Health Surveys team found while harmonizing the data for IPUMS. Thus, many of these errors are noted in the IPUMS documentation (see here and here fore examples). It is always possible, however, that additional errors have been found. So, our suggestion is to exercise caution when analyzing the data from the 2015 cancer file. Of course, once the corrected file is released, you should rerun your analysis on this corrected data. If you have a deadline due before the corrected file is released, then I’d either suggest deleting the 2015 cancer file analysis or making it clear that there could be errors and results are subject to change. You can also reach out to NHIS directly (via nhislist@cdc.gov) for more detailed information about their release schedule and impacted variables.