Sharing Public NHIS Data

I am submitting a paper that uses public data from the NHIS 1997-2014. I obtained this data from IPUMS. None of that is confidential. I cite IPUMS throughout my paper. Together with my analysis files, I would like to share the raw data I obtained from NHIS. I will share the data and files either on GitHub or on my personal website. I wonder if this is ok.


Thank you for contacting us to check. Since you are including the data to facilitate replication, teaching, etc., and not redistributing all of our data or distributing data from one of our excepted projects or data types, this falls within our acceptable use agreement, so you are welcome to post the data to GitHub or on your personal website.

This of course is none of my business, but wouldn’t you guys feel better if there was a way to re-create the query / provide a stable URL of the data extract with the names of the variables and the samples that this user used? Then the OP could give that stable URL in GitHub, and whomever wanted to download the data would still need to sign the data use agreement with IPUMS. Just a thought.

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Thank you for your suggestion. As we continue to expand and improve our offerings in the future, we will keep your idea in mind.