National employment by industry using IND1990 code

Thanks for providing such a great resource!

I am using CPS micro data and hoping to match it to national employment shares by industry. Do you provide national employment-by-industry data at the level of the consistent IND1990 series over all years covered by ASEC (1962-2019)? Or, do you know if anyone else does?

Otherwise, I presume I will need to get the national industry-by-employment data using changing industry codes, and try to crosswalk it to match to IND1990.

IPUMS does not publish industry shares tables. However you can calculate national industry employment shares using the IPUMS CPS microdata. Make a tabulation of IND1990, using the variable EMPSTAT (and maybe CLASSWKR) to restrict the sample to employed people and using WTFINL to weight the data.

If you end up matching to an external source, you can use the crosswalk available here. It is at the second bullet point from the bottom, click on the link that says “Crosswalks”