Crosswalk from IND1950 to IND1990


Hi IPUMS staff,

I was doing some research using IPUMS-CPS and tried to aggregate industries to broad supersectors. For this I used IND1950 but it’s quite old structure and I need some recent basis say 1990. My question is can you create industrial codes with 1990 basis (IND1990)? For example, it is already available for Occupational Codes: OCC1950 and OCC1990. Thanks in advance.




An IND1990 variable is being constructed for IPUMS-CPS, however there is currently no projected release date for this variable. In the mean time, you are welcome to construct your own version of IND1990 based on the IPUMS-CPS IND variable (paying special attention to theComparability section) and a combination of the IPUMS-USA variables IND and IND1990 (which is the basis of the future IPUMS-CPS variable).

I hope this helps.