Industry descriptions for ind1950 variable

I am wondering if documentation exists that describes the codes in the ind1950 variable in greater detail. It would be helpful to have more information on the codes and what is and is not included in each one. For example, I was trying to determine which code would comprise sugar refining, and I was not sure whether it would be 417 (confectionary and related products), 419 (miscellaneous food preparations and kindred products), or something else entirely. If IPUMS supplied a few sentences for each of the codes, this task would be much easier.

I see someone else asked a similar question here, but the question seems somewhat unresolved. Given the extraordinary effort required to create the ind1950 variable, it strikes me as odd that code descriptions are nowhere to be found. I have also looked online for documentation from the 1950 census providing industry classification descriptions, but I have not come across anything of use.

To track a specific industry, such as sugar refining, in the Census or American Community Survey, you may be better off using IND rather than IND1950. The variable IND1950 harmonizes industries (as reported in IND) from 1850-2022 into the 1950 Census Bureau industrial classification system. IND1950 is not intended to be used to track highly detailed groups of workers, but rather to facilitate analysis of industries across a wide range of years of data. If you can share more about the specific year(s) you are interested in, I can likely provide information on how you could determine how individuals in the sugar refining industry are coded in IND. Alternatively, you could reference a particular year’s index of industries and occupations from the Census Bureau, which provides a full list of the exact industries that were coded into the broader industry codes. I have linked to these indices from 1940-2016 below, which may be a good starting point for you.

1940 Alphabetical Index of Occupations and Industries

1950 Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations

1960 Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations

1970 Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations

1980 Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations

1990 Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations

Census 2000 Occupation Index (Excel file)

Census 2002 Occupation Index (Excel file)

Census 2010 Occupation Index (Excel file)

Census 2016 Occupation Index (Excel file)