Adding particular industry code to variables

How do I add a particular industry code to my variables. Am looking for demographic data in particular U.S. industries. Thanks!

If you are using ACS or decennial census microdata from IPUMS USA, you can add the variable IND to your extract (for analyses with IPUMS CPS data the analogous variable is also called IND). Both of these report the primary industry a respondent currently or recently worked in. You will need to consult the Codes tab to determine which industry codes correspond to based on the sample year(s) that you are analyzing. Note that industry codes are regularly updated, meaning that a code in one sample year will not necessarily match a code in a different year. IPUMS harmonized industry variables (e.g. IND1990) which recode industries across year-specific classification schemes are available to facilitate cross-time comparison. Once you’ve created your extract and downloaded the data, the industry codes will allow you to filter your analysis to particular industries.