Missing OCC variable value labels in Ireland 1971/2011 dataset


I am working with Ireland 1971 and Ireland 2011 data. One of my variables – OCC (occupation, unrecoded) – has values, but no value labels, assigned to it in my SPSS data file. I checked my SPSS data definitions file, and the OCC value labels are missing from there as well. Are these labels something I must manually insert in my SPSS Syntax Editor or is there another way to add this information to my data set?

Thank you.



Since the OCC variable is unrecoded, the coding changes based on the country and year. For example, the OCC value of 211 represents ‘Mine and Quarry Workers’ for the 1971 Ireland sample, but it represents ‘Natural and Social Science Professionals’ for the 2011 sample. As a result, it is not possible to provide value labels for OCC. Alternatively, you could either work with the yearly source variables, which provide labels, or you could use the OCCISCO variable, which recodes (and labels) the person’s primary occupation based on the major ISCO categories.

Hope this helps.