Maternal Mortality and Pregnancy-Related Mortality can't find variables


For a project a group of us are working on for an internship, we were given the website posted below. We are trying to find the variables listed on the IPUMS Global Health site to gather the data in order to perform our analysis. In the document we were able to find the v00# variables; however, we cannot find any of the mm# variables in IPUMS. We tried searching in multiple ways by changing the search and by even searching through the topics and A-Z options.

Are these variables on IPUMS? If not, is there a way for us to gain access to this information?

Thank you!

These variables are not included in the IPUMS DHS database. IPUMS DHS did not make the maternal mortality variables public because, according to publications from The DHS program, there are not enough cases to validly calculate numbers by some other variables, such as urban or region. In other words, there is just one valid national level estimate for those variables. We advise interested researchers to get summary numbers for those variables from Statcompiler from The DHS Program.