Variable missing in data

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The Variable Hc 61 and Ha 66 appears to be missing for the Uganda 2016 on the IPUMDHS using household member as the base. They are however available on the DHS dataset.
Please, I need your help with stepwise direction to append-only this variable with a minimal casualty to my existing dataset. I am looking at 6 countries in total and the absence of this in Uganda is throwing my aggregate conclusion a curveball.

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It looks like although both the HC61 variable and the HA66 variable are not currently available in IPUMS DHS for the 2016 Uganda household members file, the same information is available elsewhere. The HC68 variable identifies the mother’s highest educational level for household members under the age of 5 (as does HC61). The HV106 variable identifies the highest education level attained for all household members. This information can be reduced to only apply to female household members (as does HA66).