Matching ipums cps to census cps asec

Hi I’m attempting to match recent years from ipums cps to census data. I’m trying to merge by
hseq and pernum in ipums to h_seq and pppos in census
hrhhid+hrhhid2 and lineno in ipums to h_idnum and a_lineno in census
but after merging I check if sex, age, and race of respondents match between the datasets and there’s a mismatch.

I would appreciate any help! Thank you

This blog post from a former colleague of mine describes how to merge IPUMS and other versions of CPS data. I recommend comparing your merge criteria with those in the blog post.

Also, I am not sure why you are linking the IPUMS and original versions of the data, but will note that IPUMS CPS offers unharmonized variables to streamline access to the original CPS data prior to IPUMS harmonization methods.