Matching Counties name to PUMA

I am looking for information on PUMA’s code for some selected couties. I have some selected counties from 2005-2012. I want to know what are the corresponding PUMA which include those counties. I know one way is to look through the maps but it will be a lengthy process. Is there an database or application avaible for this purpose?

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This looks like an FAQ – see…

Will there be different PUMA code for the same county before and after 2010? I have found another similar webpage:…. Is it the same as the above?

The 2014 version (and probably the older 2012 version) support both PUMA 2000 and PUMA 2010 boundaries, if I am understanding your second question correctly. PUMA codes are specific to the ACS year/release – the Census Bureau switched to the new set in 2012, as far as I can recall.

I have downloaded counties and their respective PUMA codes using… but there are over 1000 missing values in the file. As we know there are total 3141 counties which should match with over 2000 PUMAs. I understand that some counties are part of a same PUMA. Do those missing values represent repetition of counties? I am confused. What is the best way to treat those missing values?

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When translating county to PUMA, I have come across a coulmn with the name county to PUMA allocating factor. What do we mean by this? The value of this coulmn ranges 0 to 1. Does it imply that either the entire (with value 1) or partially county is included in the PUMA?

You are correct that the allocation factor column from the MABLE/Geocorr12 Results represents the proportion of the county in the PUMA. It should be noted that while PUMAs were drawn to match well with county boundaries there are some counties that cannot be identified perfectly

You may find the 2000-2010 PUMA Crosswalk spreadsheet (available here) useful for identifying counties to PUMAs. The 2010 PUMAs (used by the ACS starting with the 2012 sample) were named based on contained counties or other major geographic entities and those names are listed in the crosswalk. These names are also present in the MABLE/Geocorr12 Results. There is also an interactive map (as well as a larger map) available on the IPUMS-USA geography page that you can use to visualize how counties fit inside the two PUMA boundary definitions.

I hope this helps.