Labor force for 39 weeks or more.

Hi. I’m trying to recreate the results from Katz and Murphy (1992). They restrict the sample to individuals who were in the labor force for at least 39 weeks in the previous year, but I can’t find a variable that indicates this. I’m using census data (not cps). Thanks!

The ACS and Decennial Census samples available through IPUMS-USA do not have as many employment related variables as the CPS. The only year where it is really possible to determine if a person was in the labor force for 39 or more weeks the previous year is 1980, which has both the WKSUNEMP and WKSWORK1 variables. You can combine these variables to calculate total number of weeks in the labor force.

The Minnesota Population Center does also produce integrated CPS samples through IPUMS-CPS, which would allow for a more direct replication of the study you cited.

I hope this helps.