Mothers to 4-years old in 1980-2007 and more variables

I am all new to this and have been trying to extract correct data for 2 hole days now, hope someone can help with the variables.
I need to extract the total sample size of mothers to a 4-year old children for all states from 1980-2007. I cannot get the correct total sample size, which I have been informed is that the total sample size of mothers in that period is 79.917, but that is not what I get when trying. The information I got is that Personal sample weights are used in the data aggregation.
I also need to know labor force participation rate, hours worked, employment rate, family total income (in real term), mothers age and education level, race, food stamp recipients
I really hope someone can help with the variables so I can get the correct data
Thanks in advance

I assume you are using data from the ASEC. What is your source for the sample size of mothers? And what sample size are you finding?

You can identify mothers of four-year-old children using a combination of AGE, MOMLOC, and PERNUM. Exactly how to do this depends on the software you are using, but there is some example code to do a similar linkage near the end of this page. That page is about IPUMS USA, but the process is essentially the same for IPUMS CPS.

For the other variables you are interested in, you should look at the following variables:

LABFORCE for labor force participation rate

EMPSTAT for employment rate

For hours worked, you can use WKSWORK1 for weeks worked last year, and UHRSWORKLY for usual hours worked per week last year. You can also use UHRSWORKT for the current usual hours worked (this will refer to the survey date in March, instead of the previous year).

FTOTVAL for family total income

AGE for age

EDUC for education level

RACE for race

FOODSTMP for food stamp recipiency