Key to link shape files and Census data third-level geography

Hello, apologies for the previous post. I have the shape files for Senegal third level geography, and I downloaded the Census file.
In the shape file the variable is IPUM2013, a string with 9 characters. In the SPSS file the third level geography is GEO3_SN2013, a numeric variable with 7 characters. Is there a walk across or recoding file that I can apply or is it up to me to create a new string variable in the Census 2013 data, call it IPUM2013, and create it as a string 9 ch like 00_GEO3_SN2013?


The microdata file contains the geography codes listed on the codes page for GEO3_SN2013. All of the codes have either 7 or 8 digits, and they correspond exactly to the codes in the shapefile. I’ve attached a screenshot below which shows this in SPSS for an extract I just created. If you’re not seeing this, something may have gone wrong during download or importing of your extract.

You can link these to the codes in the shapefile by removing any leading zeros from the shapefile codes or converting them to numeric values.