Uganda GIS subcounty shapefile does not match data

The GIS shapefile for sub county (level 3) the 2014 Uganda Sample does not match the codes in the IPUMS data, thus they cannot be matched up. Is there a work around for this?

The variable GEO3_UG2014 can be used to join a data extract from IPUMS International with the Uganda 2014 sub-county shapefile available on the Year-Specific Third-Level Geography page; use the variable IPUM2014 on the shapefile to join it to your data extract. Note that GEO3_UG2014 from your data extract comes in long integer format whereas IPUM2014 from the shapefile is a string variable; you will need to convert GEO3_UG2014 into a string variable before completing the join. I checked this myself by creating a data extract of Uganda 2014 as a CSV and successfully joined it to the sub-county shapefile in ArcMap. If you run into any further issues joining the data, please email IPUMS User Support at for more targeted help.