Italian 2019 Census

Good afternoon,

Is the Italian 2019 census database going to be available on IPUMS International? If so, can you provide an estimation of when this will happen?

Thank you!

I’m not exactly sure what Italian 2019 census database you’re referring to. IPUMS International publishes data from the decennial Italian census and annual labor force data. The 2001 and 2011 decennial census data is available on the IPUMS International website; 2021 data was only recently collected by the government. Labor force survey data from 2019 is available on the website under the Surveys tab on the Select Samples page.

Hi Ivan, thank you for your reply!
Sorry for the lack of clarity, I was referring to the Permanent Census that ISTAT has been conducting since October 2018. Apparently, the Italian Census started to be collected annually and it’s not decennial anymore. However, if IPUMS International will only publish the results of the 2021 Census I will wait for that, thank you.

Thank you for this additional information and for bringing this to our attention. You are correct that the decennial census is being replaced with a permanent census conducted on an annual, biennial or triennial basis. The IPUMS International Team has not yet made a decision about the frequency with which they will release the data, but it is on their agenda. With other countries that do ongoing census (or census-like) data collection, the team typically releases a version every 5 years. This will likely be the case with Italy as well and a decision will be made at a later date this year.

Perfect, thank you for the information!