Issue selecting variables

When I attempt to include PERNUM into my data extract the data cart flashes but the number of variables in the cart does not update. I’m trying to add PERNUM to an extract that includes HHWT, HHINCOME, and other household variables so I can get a count of households. I’ve tried creating a new extract and face the same issue. I’ve tried doing this in both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Is this an issue with the website or something else?

PERNUM, as well as YEAR, SAMPLE, SERIAL, CBSERIAL, HHWT, CLUSTER, STRATA, GQ, and PERWT, are automatically included in your extract. If you click on View Cart, you should see them included together with other variables you selected. Please let me know if that’s not the case.

Thanks for the response. I see the variables in my data cart now, but they aren’t included in the codebook or resulting data. Earlier this morning they weren’t showing up in my data cart either.

Here is the cart

And the codebook


Here is a screenshot of the data after I’ve loaded it into R.


PERNUM and other individual-level variables are only preselected if you have other individual-level variables in your cart. However, you only selected HHINCOME and FTOTINC, both of which are household-level variables. Therefore, your extract defaults to only showing households, for which PERNUM is unavailable. If you want to include both individual and household data, you first want to add a person-level variable to your extract. Then, when you’re on the Extract Request screen, select Data Structure. This will let you choose whether you want a rectangular (person), hierarchical, or household only data structure. A hierarchical structure will include both household data followed by person-level data for each corresponding household.

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Wonderful, thank you! Just to clarify. If I want to get household counts do I need to filter my data to PERNUM == 1 before summarizing to HHWT?

In a hierarchical data structure, PERNUM will only be available for individual-level records and HHWT will only available for household records. Therefore, simply summing up HHWT will give you aggregate household-level counts.