Is there a way to link place FIPS codes to the variable CITY in IPUMS-USA?


I have a data set in which the unit of observation are Census places. For each observation I have the place FIPS code (for 2000) and the state FIPS code.

I would like to match each observation with the corresponding CITY value in IPUMS. Does there exist a crosswalk to do this? What would be the recomended way to accomplish this task?


At the bottom of the comparability section for CITY you will find a list of several documents that provide users with more detailed information about the geographic makeup of CITY. The second link under “2000 5% sample and 2005-2011 ACS and PRCS samples” may be the most helpful to you, as it indicates each IPUMS CITY code and its corresponding FIPS state and place codes.

I hope this helps.


@Erin_Meyer, the excel file you pointed me to is actually very helpful. Unfortunately it only spans 185 IPUMS CITIES. Is there a similar file that covers all the CITIES in IPUMS?


For the 2000 5% sample and the 2005-2011 ACS and PRCS samples, only 185 cities are identifiable through the microdata. You can see which cities are available for each sample on the CITY codes page.

The smallest geographical unit in the ACS microdata is the PUMA, which must contain at least 100,000 residents in order to retain the anonymity of respondents. A PUMA’s boundaries frequently straddle city boundaries or encapsulate multiple smaller cities. Because of this, it is often not possible to determine the city of residence for a respondent. More information about how cities are identified can be found in the comparability section for CITY.