City/County Codes for IPUMS 2018-22

Excited that the IPUMS 2018-22 ACS 5-year data was released today. While going through the data, I realized that the city variable was missing/not available. Is there any timeframe for when that will be added?

Thank you so much for the amazing work that you all have been doing!

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The lowest geographic unit identified in the ACS public use microdata sample (PUMS) file is the PUMA, an area containing 100,000 persons. IPUMS geographers infer other geographic units (e.g., cities, counties) where possible. Beginning with the 2022 ACS, PUMA boundaries were based on the 2020 decennial census. The 2022 5-year ACS sample includes data that use both the 2010 PUMA definitions (2018-2021) and data that use the 2020 PUMA definitions (2022). Our initial release of the 2022 5-Year ACS PUMS does not include geographic identifiers for areas smaller than states as they require special handling of these different PUMA definitions. We plan to release more detailed geographic units throughout the spring, and aim to provide the most popular variables (which include CITY) in the coming weeks.

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Hi Isabel, I notice the PUMA variable is not available for download for the 2022 5-year file. Am I missing something? It’s perhaps the one that matters most :-). Patrick Kelly

Hi Patrick,
These statements from Isabel’s message apply also to the PUMA variable:

I.e., we aim to release an update to add PUMA for the 2022 5-year file in the coming weeks.