Geographic variables currently missing in online 2018-2022 data tool

The prior 5-year data has 17 geographic variables, but the current 2018-2022 online data only has four. I’m guessing/hoping they will be added at some point?

In the original Census Bureau ACS PUMS files, the PUMA is the lowest geographic unit identified. IPUMS geographers infer other geographic units (e.g., counties, metropolitan areas) based on PUMA boundaries where possible. Beginning with the 2022 ACS, PUMA boundaries were based on the 2020 decennial census. The 2022 5-year ACS sample includes data that use both the 2010 PUMA definitions (2018-2021) and data that use the 2020 PUMA definitions (2022). Our initial release of the 2022 5-Year ACS PUMS did not include geographic identifiers for areas smaller than states as they require special handling of these different PUMA definitions. Today, we released some of the most popular geography variables for the 2022 5-year ACS sample; we will work to release the remaining variables in the coming months. See the revision history for details about the newly released geography variables.