Is there a variable indicating the birth of province in China 1990?


I am using the 1990 and 2000 Census data of China,I want to know the information of every sample’s birth of province,but I only find it in China 2000 that is CN2000A_BPLPROV.Could you please tell me how can I obtain the same information in China 1990?Thanks.


Unfortunately, it appears that province of birth is only available for the China 2000 sample. The harmonized variable for this information is BPLCN, which you can see is only available in 2000. Furthermore, there are no additional source variables, such as CN2000A_BPLPROV, available in other years.

You could try to reach out to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, listed here, to see if they have the information publicly available.


Ok,I got it,thanks for answering.