Is there a variable for overall privately-purchased (non employment-related) insurance?


Hello, I’m trying to bucket my population in MECE coverage categories, following this hierarchy: Medicare trumps Medicaid trumps Group trumps Individual trumps Other trumps Uninsured

I’m defining my variables following the CPS description (

In the end, I have 6.2 million people who do not fall under any coverage category. Of those, 5.6 million fall under private insurance but are not in group coverage, which leads me to think they are under privately-purchased insurance. Nevertheless, they do not appear to be policy holders or dependents of privately-purchased insurance.

Do you know if there is another variable that captures privately-purchased (non employment-related) insurance other than PRIVOWN and PRIVDEP? I’m looking for an intermediate step between these and COVERPI, analogous to COVERGH but for privately-purchased insurance.





You may be interested in the SHADAC generated Summary Health Insurance variables. The HCOVANY description gives a good introduction to the variables. You may also want to read about HINSWT.