Is there a crosswalk between degfield and the Census Bureau's broad degree categories?

Since 2009, the ACS has asked respondents with a bachelor’s degree about the field of their degree. According to documentation from the Census Bureau, these responses were coded into 188 majors, and these were categorized into five distinct, broad fields: science and engineering; science- and engineering related; business; education; and arts, humanities, and other.

The IPUMS ACS data contains data on the specific major (degfield and degfieldd), but as far as I can tell does not contain a variable for the 5 broad major categorizations.

Does anyone know of a way to map the degfield variable to the broader categorizations?


Unfortunately, a crosswalk for DEGFIELD and the Census Bureau’s broad degree categories does not exist. The closest existing document to a crosswalk would be Appendix A in the Census document to which you linked. Using that, you can assign the detailed DEGFIELD values to the respective Census broad field.

I hope this helps.