Is the IPUMS ACS data equivalent to the Census ACS PUMS data?


I am trying to figure out if the IPUMS ACS data (2000-2013) is equivalent to the ACS PUMS data released by the Census. Basically I want to know if the information in the ACS PUMS documentation is where I should look for detailed, year-by-year information on how the sample was drawn and weights were created.

Thank you!

Yes, the ACS PUMS data is the source data for the IPUMS-USA ACS data. You can verify this directly by matching the IPUMS data to the PUMS Estimates for User Verification. Consequently, the sample design and weighting methodology documented by the Census Bureau apply to both the ACS PUMS samples and the IPUMS ACS samples.

IPUMS-USA adds value to the PUMS data by assigning uniform codes across all the samples, bringing relevant documentation into a coherent form, and creating new variables from the PUMS data.

Hope this helps.