Indonesia 1976 number of marriages

In the 1976 Indonesian intercensal data there are no observations for number of marriages (Marrnum) value of 1. The percentages of second marriages is also very high compared to other years (17% vs 3 to 4% in other years). Is it possible that there was a coding error for marrnum (those currently with value of 2 should have been coded as 1)? Thanks .

This is an error. It looks like we are only using the information from the ID1976A_FIRSTMAR source variable, which identifies if an individual’s current/last marriage is their first marriage. We also have a source variable called ID1976A_MARRNUM which identifies the number of times a person has been married—for those who are married more than once. It seems we should be using the information in both of these source variables to harmonize MARRNUM. I’ve notified the IPUMS International Team about this error and they will work on a fix as soon as possible.

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Thanks for responding so quickly.