I'm looking for median retirement income for age 60 in all counties in MN. Should be simple?

I’ve found census bureau tables with the mean income broken down to counties, but median retirement income (Soc Sec, other retirement) would be more helpful.

Anything but. You are asking a very detailed piece of information:

  1. Specific measure of income distribution (median; as you’ve noticed, it is not traditionally tabulated by Census; incidentally, getting standard errors for medians is notably more complicated than for means)

  2. Specific concept of income (retirement income)

  3. Specific, very narrow age category (one year of age, apparently)

  4. High level of geographic detail.

Actually, let me take all of that back. The population median is probably zero. What you may actually be asking is the median among non-zero incomes… and that reduces the sample size even further.

You can attempt this with IPUMS microdata, but (1) county is not available for the public use ACS data (although you can get it in the restricted data… figure ~9 months clearance time though), and (2) even if it were, the sample sizes will be exactly zero for most counties, and not particularly large except probably for Hennepin.

Thank you for the above feedback. What you are saying is that it is not my lack of knowledge/experience that is making this difficult. It is simply difficult, and I can stop tortuirng myself with this goal.