Help with a previous question asked.

Dear Tim,

Is it possible to have some assistance answering a question on the forum that has not been answered. About a week ago, I posted a question with the title “How to search for 75+ yr old households with 1 million+ income for the Houston metro area?

I am in the process of doing a project and any assistance on this would be truly appreciated!

I am currently researching the trends of wealthy people in large metro areas. I am trying to use the IPUMS_USA to pull data and am running into some difficulties. Is it possible to pull data for 75 plus year old households that have incomes or net worth over 1 million dollars. I am trying to figure out how many people exist that meet those guidelines. I would then like to search that on as narrow of a window as possible for location. I believe that is curently a metro area as I read in different posts that it is not possible to track at a zip code level. (although that would be great if possible)

Variables that would be useful for my research include age, income, home value, net worth, marriage status, and education level.

Thank you for your time,

Kind Regards,

Ryan Thomas

Hi Ryan,

I apologize for the delay in my response to your question. I have posted an answer on your original post and hope it helps provide you with some guidance on your project!