IHIS data extract for teaching without IPUMS International Classroom Registration?


Dear all,

I would like to use a data extract from IHIS for a course. In contrast to many other IPUMS data, IHIS is based on publicly available data. Therefore I wanted to ask whether I can give the data extract to my students (with proper sources) without going through the IPUMS International Classroom Registration?

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Yes, this is permited as long at it is for educational purposes only. Although many professors like to encourage their students to sign up for an IPUMS account so that they can grow accustomed to accessing IPUMS data.


I do not think that was an answer to my question, right?




My appologies. I recognized the error and have made the correction.


Thank you for your quick reply. That is great. Of course, I will encourage my students to register at IPUMS. But in my experience it is always a good starting point to have a data set ready for them to use.

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P.S. Of course, I will not make the data available to anyone outside my class.