if homeowner has home equity loan but no primary/traditional mortgage, is mortgage variable coded as "3" or "1"?

I am trying to determine how a respondent is coded if they are a home owner with a home equity loan that is not a traditional/primary mortgage. For mortgage2 variable, I understand it is only asked if a first mortgage exists (i.e., mortgage coded as “3” or “4”).

How is a person coded if they have paid off their primary/initial mortgage, but take out a home equity loan for, say, $10,000. Thus, making the $10,000 the only encumbrance- but not a mortgage in the traditional sense. Would mortgage be coded as “1” or “3” (or something else)?

Thank you.

Respondents are instructed to consider the term “mortgage” as including all types of loans secured by real estate. Therefore, respondents with a home equity loan should be coded as MORTGAGE=“3:Yes, mortgaged/deed of trust or similar debt”. Also notice that in the similar variable OWNERSHP, the questionnaire text specifically mentions home equity loans, in contrast to owning a home free and clear.

Hope this helps.