Housing inheritance?

Hello! I am trying to determine the value of inherited real estate (esp. primary residences) over time. Does the Census have any relevant data?

There is some information on real estate value in IPUMS USA data, but nothing that allows you to identify inherited real estate value specifically. In the decennial census from 1850-1880, there is a variable REALPROP, which reports the value of the respondent’s real estate. However, this does not distinguish between inherited and non-inherited real estate. In the decennial census from 1980 onward and in the ACS, the variable INCINVST reports earnings from an estate or trust, interest, dividends, royalties, and rents received. This variable does not break down estate income from other types of income, however. Property value can be calculated from PROPTX99, which reports the household’s total real estate tax costs, but again, this does not distinguish between taxes on inherited and non-inherited real estate.

In IPUMS CPS, there are some similar variables: INCDRT reports earnings from dividends, net rental income, royalties, and estates and trusts; PROPTAX reports annual property tax amounts for the household. Just as in IPUMS USA, inherited real estate versus non-inherited real estate is not identified by any of the variables in IPUMS CPS.

Neither data collection includes any variables that ask about inheritance of any kind.

I see! Well, this is still useful info re all the other variables. Thanks for the fulsome response!