I wish to find out if there is a way to create and show relatonships between a child (<5 years) with other members


I am using survey data similar to DHS in stata. I would like to create household structure based on the relationship of the child with other household members. For example I want to be able to indentify a household with only a 1.family (father, mother, child), 2.one with family+ relatives and 3.one with family+relatives +non-family? I first tried working on this by using relationship of child to household head. I am stuck on how I can do it for the relationship of child to all the members.

Thank you and I look foward to your hep or any material that may help me to work on this.





If I understand your question correctly, you are trying to replicate IPUMS-USA’s family interrelationship variables in another data set. Unfortunately, I am unable to share the code used to generate these variables. However, you can read the Family Interrelationships page on the IPUMS-USA website to better understand much of the logic that went into constructing these variables, and it may be applicable to the data set you are using. These constructed variables should be able to help distinguish the different household constructs you are looking at.