Family Structure using IPUMS International

Hi Joe,

I have come across your answer to a question related to mine but i tried it and i am struggling. I would like to generate a variable for youth age 15-24 who are living with single parent, both parent or extended family. I have the relate variable which has about 5 categories but i am not quite sure how to go aboout this.

Thank you.

The IPUMS-International RELATE (and RELATED, for the detailed version) can be used similarly to the IPUMS-USA variable. I do recommend reading the comparability section for the samples you are interested in, as this often contains helpful information. You may also be interested in HHTYPE variable for identifying single-parent households. You could also use the attach characteristics extract option to attach the SEX of the HEAD to all household members. Once you have downloaded your extract you could then filter cases based on AGE and SEX of HEAD to find 15-24 year-olds living in female-headed households (you would need to use RELATE if you only wanted children of the head as well).

I hope this helps.