Family Interrelationships code

Hi, do you guys can provide to users the code in SPSS to build Family Interrelationships for the IPUMS-I?

I am afraid IPUMS does not provide the code for specific statistical software packages to replicate family interrelationships. The programming used by IPUMS is written in C++ and heavily relies on internal metadata structures, making it very difficult to share. However, the logic described on this page can be used to replicate these variables. If there is a specific sample that you are interested in and have not been able to replicate, you can email and we will be happy to look into that specific issue.

I hope this helps.

Hello staff, thank you so much for your answer. I am trying to replicate the 1970 Argentina sample, using SPSS. But unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I would be very happy is you guys can give a short example.

Thank you,


If you email your current syntax to I would be happy to look it over and try to identify any issues.