How Do I Link Husbands & Wives in 1974 & 2008 Liberian IPUMS Samples to Study Intra- & Interethnic Marriages?

Dear Michelle Pratt:

Thank you so very much for addressing my earlier question [5/23/2018] regarding finding the data file: Ipumsi_00001. The 2015 extract that this data file relates to was hidden, and I just didn’t know how to unhide it. Thanks for showing me how. As you can see, I have been away from this and another research project for nearly 3 years, due to the demands of my teaching activities. But, since I have a year long sabbatical to devote to these projects, I want to make the best use of this time.

I want to use the 1974 & 2008 IPUMS Liberian Census samples to study intra-ethnic and interethnic marriages in Liberia. The first hurdle that I need to overcome is linking/concatenating husbands and wives in these two samples, using the SPSS statistical software. After which, I will use SPSS to carry out crosstabs and other statistical analyses that will enable me to examine the extent of intra- and inter-ethnic marriages in Liberia. This is my first time carrying a study on ethnic intra-/inter marriages. I do have some ideas about how to go about linking husbands and wives in these samples; but, I will need some guidance/assistance. So, if you or other staff/IPUMS users can provide some assistance/guidance in this respect, I would greatly appreciate it.I hope that this second e-mail gets through to you. Again, thanks a million for addressing my earlier question. I look forward to hearing back from you when you have had some time to look at this request. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Konia T. Kollehlon

Michelle is out of the office for a bit, but I can help you with this question. In general, with IPUMS data it is quite easy to link spouses together with the family interrelationship variables. Specifically, SPLOCidentifies the person number of the spouse within the household and can be used to link spouses together in statistical software. Additionally, the IPUMS online data extract system makes this even easier with the attach characteristics tool. Just add the variable you’d like to link between spouses (for example, AGE) and then before finally submitting your extract on the Extract Request page, click “Attach Characteristics”. This will allow you to add a new variable that identifies characteristics of the individual’s spouse, if one exists.