Variable BREASTFEDMO, children breastfeeding status are recorded at 3-5 years prior to survey data collection. Is it accurate to deduce that all children of the women less than 3 years old at the time of data collection has not data value? I have used this variable in my analysis but raises a question if I am looking at children from 6-59 months old. If yes, what is the difference then with Variable BREASTFEDCAT records children born 5 years prior to survey data and did not include children that are dead. My samples are Phase VII survey in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe.

Basically, I am seeking the definition of the ‘children born in the 3-5 years of the survey’ and children born in the 5 years before the survey

Thank you for your time and help. Look forward to hearing your expert opinion.


I can certainly see how the description tab is confusing here. Depending on the survey sample, the question for BRFEDMO relates to either children born 3, 4, or 5 years prior to the survey. You can see this information as it relates to specific samples on the universe tab. Therefore, this question certainly relates to young children who are between the ages of 6 to 59 months old. You can also verify this yourself by tabulating responses of BRSFEDMO and BRSFEDCAT with KIDCURAGE. The difference between the BRSFEDMO and BRSFEDCAT variables is the former identifies the number of months a child was breastfed while the later more simple breastfeeding status categories.