How to create variable for mother's age using ipums dataset in STATA


I want to crosstab age of children classified by single years from age 0 to 14, and age of mothers classified by single years also, using the South African 2007 and 2001 samples.

The question to the above would for example be; “How many 5 year olds today whose mothers are aged 30?” The mother does not necessarily have to be part of the household because i want to use the information to estimate fertility by reverse method (own child method)

To do this, it appears I need a variable in children’s records which links the child to age of the mother. In the samples’ variables, can I use momloc? And how should the STATA command be like exactly? I have tried the one below but the outcome doesn’t seem right because when I tab it ‘mage’ starts at 0 (zero).

bysort UqNr Q420per: gen mage =age[Q14cmpsn]



It is possible to create a variable within the IPUMS data extract system that contains the age of a respondent’s mother by utilizing the Attach Characteristics option. To do so, you should first select your samples and variables, which must contain AGE. Before submitting your extract, you will be given the option to choose “Attach characteristics” on the extract request screen. Check the box for “Mother” on the AGE row. This will add a variable to your data extract request called AGE_MOM. Now simply submit your extract. Keep in mind that the age of a respondent’s mother can be identified only if the mother and child belong to the same household.

Hope this helps.