Children in CPS between 6 and 18

Hello All! I am trying to replicate a study titled “Women’s employment among Blacks, Whites, and three groups of Latinas: do more privileged women have higher employment?” by Paula England, Carmen Garcia-Beaulieu and Mary Ross. As I read through their paper and try and search for the same variables on IPUMS-CPS, I am unable to find the variable which is the number of children between 6 and 18. I have found the variable in which it asks the number of children under 6 in the household in the unharmonized variable section but still have been unable to find this other variable. Does anyone know where I can find this variable? The quote that I am referencing is below. Thank you for your help in advance.

“We include the number of children younger than 6 that a woman has and the number of children she has between 6 and 18 (these are the age categories provided in the publicly available CPS).”

I’m not sure about the original variable for children between 6-18, and I also didn’t find this variable in the IPUMS CPS data. However, you can construct such a variable yourself using information in the microdata. Exactly how you do this will depend on the software you are using, but the general procedure is to count the number of children in each household between the ages of 6 and 18. The children’s ages are captured in the variable AGE, and households can be identified within each sample using the variable SERIAL.

Please note that this method works for calculating all children in the household, but if you are interested in calculating only the number of children of a particular individual, you should use the family interrelationship variables provided by IPUMS CPS.