How I access to the 1998 version of US census data?

How I access to the 1998 version of USA census data?

The “IPUMS archive page” can’t be reached. (

I am not sure if you are asking either of two questions. If you are asking about the availability of US Census data from 1998, then unfortunately, such data does not exist. Prior to the implementation of the American Community Survey (in 2000), US Census data was collected only every 10 years in the “decennial census”. Therefore, data from these non-decennial years (such as 1998) is not available. An alternative source of data that you may find useful is the Current Population Survey, available via IPUMS CPS, which collects data from the US population both every year and every month.

Alternatively, if you are asking about how to access the version of IPUMS USA that was available in 1998, I am afraid I cannot be of much help. These very early versions of IPUMS USA are not archived in the way we archive versions currently.