Looking for US 2010 Census of Population and Housing data


Looking for 2010 census data rather than American Community Survey data.

From what I understand the census is every 10 years but this link;


provides information on the ACS rather than the main census (available for 2000).

IPUMS International does not include all of the available U.S. samples. The ACS is prioritized over the decennial census in IPUMS International for 2010 because it replaced the long form Census and has broader variable coverage. If you are interested in the 2010 decennial data, you may get them from IPUMS USA. Note that the data you get from IPUMS USA are harmonized to facilitate comparability with other years of U.S. data, but not the other countries included in IPUMS International. For guidance on how to recode the IPUMS USA versions of the decennial data for comparability with the IPUMS International variables, you may be interested in reviewing the harmonization tables linked at the bottom of the codes tab for IPUMS International variables (see screenshot below of the MARST variable for an example).