2010 Census 5% Sample


I see the 5% sample for 2000 and every 10 years before that but not for 2010. Was this because 2010 5% sample was canceled or something?

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The 2010 sample that is currently available on the IPUMS-USA website represents the American Community Survey PUMS data. Unfortunately, we are not sure when the Census Bureau plans on releasing the 2010 census 5% PUMS files, so we do not have a release schedule for the corresponding IPUMS-USA file.

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I have an additional question to the above one: Will there be a smaller sub-sample of the 2010 census with more variables? I am mainly interested in educational outcomes, work and income. I heard such variables from the 2010 census are available on the county level, so I assume they were collected. Just to avoid confusion: I am not referring to the ACS but really to the microcensus because it is conducted on the 1st of April every year which would help me calculate birth dates. Thank you in advance!



The ACS actually took the place of the long-form Decennial survey, with 2010 being the first time the Census Bureau did not field a long-form. I checked on American FactFinder and I was not able to find any evidence that Education or income information was collected as part of the 2010 Decennial Census (except in U.S. territories where the ACS is not collected). I’m sorry I could not provide the data you are looking for.



Ok! Thanks a lot for checking!