historical address information?

From my reading of the IMPUS site, it seems that none of the samples based on census manuscripts have address information. Is that correct? Can you recommend another source that where I could download census microdata with address information? (Actually, for my purposes, a tract indicator would be sufficient.) I’m particularly interested in census years 1920 and before (I know there is aggregate tract-level information for some cities before 1930, but I am interested in Los Angeles, where tract data only begin in 1930).

thank you!

Street address is available in the STREET variable for 1880-1930. I’m not sure that it will work for your purposes and it often does not contain a house number, but it is the only source for the data I know of outside of the original forms. Depending on your research, you may find ENUMDIST to be of some use, perhaps in conjunction with the ED Finder.